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About us

In the West Brabantse Schijf, on the edge of one of the most important tree nursery areas of the Netherlands, around Zundert our company is located: Boomkwekerij H. van Laerhoven. A unique location in a beautiful forest area. The perfect environment for our specialty: the cultivation of grafted half-stems and standard-stem in container.

In 1984 I, Harry van Laerhoven, started the nursery with the cultivation of forest and hedge plants in the ground. In this time I also got acquainted with the specialization of tree breeding, and soon my assortment is extended with these improved plants. First in the ground, but soon the first container field was built.

In 1994, my wife Anna joined the company and together we decided to change course and only continue to work on cultivating grafted half-stems and standard stem in container. New container fields were created and the range was further expanded. Now years later we have 10 container fields on a surface of 4 ha and a greenhouse area of ​​0.5 ha. Our company is now specialized in growing a wide range of improved ornamental shrubs and conifers in various: bulb, bullet, weeping, dwarf and other forms. Almost all plants are grafted on half and standard sizes from 40 cm up to and including 220 cm in the pot size from 5 liters up to 30 liters. Everything has been grown exclusively pot.

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H. van Laerhoven

Address: Canadapolderstraat 3
Zip code: 4722 SH Schijf
Phone: 0031-165-341535
Fax: 0031-165-343467
Mobile: 0031-653-156445