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Netherlands trees

Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven is a Dutch tree nursery that cultivates different kinds of trees in Schijf, The Netherlands. We are an international oriented company: we deliver our trees and plants to landscaping companies and garden centres in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary and other European countries. We like to maintain personal contact with our customers and that has always lead to satisfaction.

Dutch tree nursery, based in the south of The Netherlands, known for cultivation of wide range of trees

Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven, based in the south of the Netherlands, cultivates a wide range of trees and plants. Our Dutch tree nursery is known for being innovative and creative. We always strive for ways to enlarge our assortment, in order to offer our customers more possibilities. In our assortment, you will find among others:

  • Ulmus;
  • Acer;
  • Betula;
  • Catalpa;
  • Morus;
  • Pyrus;
  • Tilia.

We make sure that you will find at least some species that will interest you. However, it doesn’t matter for which plants and trees, breed in The Netherlands, you may choose. Our Dutch tree nursery always delivers plants and trees of the best quality. Besides, our customers can also count on a perfect service and our knowledge of the cultivation of trees and plants.

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Would you like to sell several tree and plant species in your shop, garden centre or landscaping company? Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven would like to know what species you are looking for. We might be your partner for trees that are cultivated in The Netherlands. Do you need more information about our assortment and services? We are willing to help you. Please call +31 165-341535.

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