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Grafting trees

Grafting plants and trees is one of the core businesses of Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven. Tree grafting is a horticultural technique that joins plants in order to let them grow together. Grafting a tree is only possible when the branches are small. The upper part of the plant is called ‘scion’, whereas the lower part is called ‘rootstock’. The scion contains the desired genes that have to be duplicates in future production by the new specie. Do you need an expert in the field of tree grafting? Do not hesitate and contact Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven.

Grafting plants and trees: how grafting tree branches works

Successful tree grafting requires vascular cambium tissues of the stock and scion plants must kept alive until they do contact with each other and the graft actually takes place. Usually, this process lasts for few weeks. It must be considered that joints formed by tree grafting are not as strong as joints formed in a natural way. Grafting tree and plants is only possible in case the branches of the tree are young. In general, this means trees up to five years are suitable for grafting. Moreover, a young tree should have one or two feet of branch between the graft and the trunk.

How can we serve you?

Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven is a Dutch tree and plant nursery. We cultivate a wide range of trees and plants and always strive to discover new species. We are specialised in grafting trees as well. Our nursery is the expert in the field of grafting tree branches you are looking for. We do not only serve the Dutch market; our customers can also be found in other European countries such as France, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Belgium. How can we help you? Do not hesitate and call +31 165-341535 for more information about our trees, plants and services.

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