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Weeping trees

Weeping trees are known for their soft, limp twigs, which often leads to a bent crown and pendulous branches that reach the ground. Weeping trees do occur in nature, however, most species are cultivated. The weeping tree is a popular type of tree in landscaping, because of the typical shape. More than a hundred different types of weeping trees do exist; some of them can be found at Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven, a nursery of trees and plants that is based in The Netherlands.

Weeping trees of highest quality cultivated in The Netherlands

Do you have a landscaping company and would you like to us weeping trees? Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven would like to be your partner! A customer friendly service and trees of the highest quality is what we guarantee. We are known for being innovative and creative. We cultivate a wide range of trees and plants and always strive to discover new species as well. We do not only serve the Dutch market, but our customers can be found in Belgium, France, Hungary, Poland and Germany as well. Are you interested in the weeping trees which Boomkwekerij H. Van Laerhoven cultivates? Or do you have any questions? Do not hesitate and call +31 165-341535. We are more than happy to help you.

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